Trail work in 2020 to rehab tread and clear trees. .

Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

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From Marshall Lake, hike cross country west-southwest toward an unnamed lake at 8700. Companions: Holly. Hiking to.

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. A grinding slog, up a patchwork road, leads to one of the McDowell Mountains highest peaks. Although the hike to Thompson Peak isn't necessarily a rare or tremendously physical feat, it's a proud, boastful moment bagging the tallest peak in the range.

. Seems like a popular place for family photos near the trailhead.


Elevation Gain: 2200′.

Peak 3804. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 7 h 51 min to complete.

Thompson Peak, crown of the Sawtooth Range at 10,751 feet, can be tagged on a rugged, partly off-trail hike of about 13 miles and 4,200 vertical feet round-trip. or the longer 0.

6 miles.
Craggy Wedding Cake provides an appropriate companion.

The tooth-like summit with its corresponding glaciers loomed far off in the horizon, reminding me of a long day ahead.


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. This is a 11. This is a 11. Developed Trailhead 118 Forest Road Campfire Restrictions Apply. Gateway, Prospector, Thompson Peak Road Trail. Thompson Peak Pkwy.


362. Developed Trailhead 118 Forest Road Campfire Restrictions Apply.

Difficulty: 3/5 ( Ratings explained) Strenuous, STEEP.

Thompson Peak Pkwy.

Mar 6, 2023 · Photo by Marin.


18333 N.